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Anstruther (pronounced something like AIN-ster) is one of the biggest and most popular of the East Neuk fishing villages, sprawling along the Fife coast and encompassing a trio of old settlements. In the middle, busy Anstruther Easter is the largest of Anstruther's three parts. Its spacious main harbour is now the domain of pleasure craft, long since replacing herring vessels which used to underpin the economy; in spring and summer it's also the departure point for boat trips to the seabird colonies on the Isle of May. The extensive Scottish Fisheries Museum is a reminder of bygone times, just across the road from the harbourside. At low tide you can cross the Dreel Burn on stepping stones at beach level to reach Anstruther Wester with its colourful church and cottages - a couple of the latter have beautiful shell mosaics adorning the walls. Roads also link the two, with further attractive narrow streets extending east to Cellardyke, which gets its own page. Back at the main harbour, the Anstruther Fish Bar has won an impressive series of awards over the years for its fish and chip suppers; we're no experts on deep-fried batter, but we enjoyed our meal there all the same.


📌 Anstruther 
Fife, G.R.: NO 567036 ///romantics.fools.rents

Anything else? Some parking in Anstruther Easter is pay and display, but there's plenty of free parking elsewhere.

[Anstruther Fish Bar]

Within walking distance

>> Scottish Fisheries Museum ★★★★
>> Walk: Pittenweem to Crail - exploring the East Neuk ★★★



>> Cellardyke ★★ (1 mile away)

[View of Anstruther Wester from Anstruther Easter]

[Scottish Fisheries Museum]

[Dreel Burn]

[Shell house and colourful cottages in Anstruther Wester]

[St Nicolas' Church, Anstruther Wester]


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