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With red-tiled roofs, picturesque harbour, narrow streets and views across an azure Firth of Forth, Pittenweem is as cute as you come to expect from this corner of Fife. Uniquely among the East Neuk ports, the fishing industry is still alive and well here, with a fish market still auctioning off the day's catch each morning. Above the dockside, houses tumble down the hillside from the High Street above, where most of the village's services are located and with only slightly less chocolate-box charm. Speaking of chocolate, head to Pittenweem Chocolate Company's shop and café for delicious cocoa-related products, including outrageously indulgent milkshakes. You can also collect the key for St Fillan's Cave here: more about this intriguing spot on its own page (link below).


📌 Pittenweem ★★★
Fife. High Street is at G.R.: NO 548025 ///image.alike.passes

[View west along the coast]

Within walking distance

>> St Fillan's Cave ★★
>> Walk: Pittenweem to Crail - exploring the East Neuk ★★★

[St Fillan's Cave]


>> Kellie Castle ★★★ (3 miles away)

[Parish Church]

[View out to sea]

[View over the village from the harbour]


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