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St Martin's Kirk is the only remaining part of St Mary's Nunnery, a large Cistercian complex built on the east side of Haddington in the late 1100s. The church is actually believed to pre-date the nunnery by a few decades, making it one of the earliest surviving parish kirks in Scotland, originally serving the local population. The church was ruined in the reformation but, apart from the roof, its structure seems reasonably intact. According to the Historic Environment Scotland, the purpose of the square holes in the walls are a bit of a mystery. Parking is available on adjacent streets but you can also walk from the town centre, crossing the 16th century arches of Nungate Bridge en route.

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📌 St Martin's Kirk
St Martins Gate, 10-min walk west of Haddington town centre, G.R.: NT 521739 ///plants.blast.prices
Always open | Free

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