Walk: Haddington to East Linton - frolick along the Tyne

East Lothian | Haddington | Half day walk | ★★

[River Tyne near Hailes Castle]

This occasionally muddy, riverside ramble in East Lothian links the attractive settlements of Haddington and East Linton. Much of the scenery is undramatic (though perfectly pleasant), but there are a wealth of historic attractions visited by the path along the River Tyne to add a little spice to the outing. A thriving 14th century church is soon followed by a 12th century ruined one - and that's before you've even left Haddington. Later on are a succession of old mills, some slowly falling apart and others converted into houses. Hailes Castle is a real surprise: a substantial, tumbledown residence towering over the opposite bank, which is easily visited by a short detour (included on the route map below). It was also nice to spot a good variety of ducks beyond the ubiquitous mallard - though the numerous goosanders we happened across didn't seem to like being photographed!

[Hailes Castle, seen from across the river]

📌 Walk: Haddington to East Linton - frolick along the Tyne ★★
Park at the finish and take a bus to the start (at least hourly, but check times in advance). Start at High Street (A6093), Haddington town centre, G.R.: NT 516739 ///sports.fancy.belt. Finish at Bridge End (B1407), East Linton village centre, G.R.: NT 592771 ///grove.rescue.slower.

▶ 11 km / 7 mi | ▲ 50 m | ⌚ Half a day | Moderate
Features: Haddington & town sights; River Tyne; Hailes Castle; East Linton
Terrain: Almost entirely riverside paths: surfaced cycle track to Abbey Bridge, then narrower grass or mud path. Minor road section for detour to Hailes Castle.

Route & map

Start & Haddington - St Mary's Church & Nungate Bridge - St Martin's Kirk - Abbey Bridge via north bank of River Tyne - Sandy's Mill - Hailes Castle (view from across river) - out-and-back detour to Hailes Castle via bridge just beyond castle - East Linton & finish

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)

On our visit

Wildlife: Lots of goosanders and seagulls; other ducks, swans and cygnets, dippers, sheep, ripe elderberries.
Weather: Plenty of sunshine between cloud banks, moderate wind, temperature in low teens.

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Chronological photo guide


[St Mary's Church, Haddington]

[View from Nungate Bridge (25/8/18)]

[Crossing the River Tyne on the way out of Haddington]


[Abbey Bridge]

[Riverside path near Abbey Mill]

[Sheep grazing in front of Abbey Mill]

[Sandy's Mill - now converted into a home]

[Woodland section]


[Riverside path]

[Traprain Law (right) across the river]

[Hailes Castle, seen from across the river]

[Detour to Hailes Castle]

[River Tyne near Hailes Castle]

[Basking in the sunshine]

[Riverside path]

[Passing underneath the A1]

[An imaginative flight of steps]

[Approaching East Linton]

[East Linton]

[East Linton]


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