Walk: Eggsploring Loch Leven

Perth & Kinross | Loch Leven | Full day walk | ★★

[View over Loch Leven from one of the bird hides near Kinross]

A fried egg on the pan of Kinross-shire, beautiful Loch Leven is a haven for birdlife and a cracking spot for a walk whatever the season. The recently-completed Loch Leven Heritage Trail whisks you around the entire loch, serving up a range of habitats from woodland to wetland and farmland, with good views towards the steep slopes of Bishop Hill and Benarty Hill from the comfort of the level footpath. The winter months bring thousands of free-ranging, pink-footed geese, swans and ducks from colder climes - though seeing them in great numbers isn't guaranteed. Some stretches of the route are a little featureless, so we hatched a plan to visit some of the several cafes around the loch. Eggs Benedict with black pudding at Loch Leven's Larder was a perfect way to start the day for us; we also had an enjoyable lunch at the RSPB cafe on the south side of the loch.

[Across the loch to Bishop Hill]

📌 Walk: Eggsploring Loch Leven ★★
▶ 21 km / 13 miles | ▲ 90 metres
Features: Loch Leven; RSPB Loch Leven
Start / finish: Car park at Loch Leven's Larder, A911 a mile northwest of Kinnesswood, G.R.: NO 161041 ///lodge.pine.playroom

Route: Car park - join circular path at G.R. NO 157034 ///worms.down.blurts - clockwise circuit of Loch Leven via RSPB Loch Leven - start. Trail map here.
Terrain: Wide, smooth and mostly level path throughout - short ascents and descents.
Wildlife today: Grey herons, whooper and mute swans, pink-footed geese, mallards, tufted ducks, pochard, teal; various farm animals.
Weather today: Mostly sunny with light winds, some cloud banks. A few degrees above freezing with morning frost.

>> Loch Leven ★★
>> RSPB Loch Leven ★★

[River Leven]

Route map

Route credit: Loch Leven Heritage Trail

More photos

[Through the reedbeds near the start]

[Bishop Hill]

[Levenmouth Plantation]

[Views of the loch are at a premium on the east part of the trail]

[Wetland near Findatie]

[River Leven]

[Footbridge over the River Leven]

[Sluice House at Findatie]

[View from the south bank]

[Wetland at the RSPB reserve near Carden Point]

[Looking across to Bishop Hill]

[Crossing the Gairney Water]

[Pink-footed geese on the west side of the loch]


[Crossing the South Queich just before Kinross]

[Kinross Pier]

[Kinross Pier]

[Looking for food]

[Whooper swan at Kinross]

[Robin near Kinross House]

[View from the north bank, with Lochleven Castle visible on Castle Island (right)]

[Bridge over the North Queich]

[Dusk falling at Burleigh Sands]


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