Duke's Pass (A821)

Stirling | Aberfoyle | Road pass | ★★★

[Ben Venue seen from the northern end of the pass]

Duke's Pass takes you from Aberfoyle on the edge of the National Park into the very heart of the Trossachs. For many it's the means to an end - a route to the steamship on Loch Katrine, or to walks up Ben A'an or Ben Venue. However, the views north into the Highlands and south to the Lowlands make the drive worthwhile in its own right. Fortunately there are plenty of small laybys to stop in, as constant sharp bends will keep your eyes occupied when moving. If you're looking for something else leisurely, the Three Lochs Forest Drive starts from near the summit.

[Ben A'an from near the summit, looking northbound (8/10/15)]

Location & info

📌 Duke's Pass (A821) ★★★
Trossachs. Summit is between Aberfoyle and Loch Achray, G.R.: NN 519038 ///joys.bonnet.couple. South end is at Aberfoyle, G.R.: NN 520010 ///statement.avocado.chase. North end is at the head of Loch Achray, G.R.: NN 507071 ///classic.caravans.resolves

▶ 9 km / 6 mi | ▲ 220 m
Surfaced A-road, suitable for most vehicles
Almost always open: snow occasionally closes the pass | Free

[Icy December conditions ascending the north side of the pass (southbound)]

[Ben Venue from just beyond the summit (northbound)]

[Ben A'an (northbound)]

[Ben Venue from the north end of the pass (northbound)]

[The same view in autumn (8/10/15)]

[Ben Ledi from near the summit of the pass (8/10/15)]


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