Walk: Crieff to Muthill - fishy business by the River Earn

Perth & Kinross | Crieff | Half day walk | ★★

[River Earn south of Crieff]

Anyone up for a riverside ramble with an excellent restaurant at the end? We definitely were, and the Barley Bree's lunch menu didn't disappoint, dishing up elegant portions of local game and animals you're likely to see on this one-way jaunt through farmland by the River Earn. Starting in the busy market town of Crieff and finishing at Muthill village (probably pronounced MOOTH-ill), navigation isn't just a case of following the water course (take a map). The route is also far from direct, taking 10 km to achieve what the road manages in 5. But there's plenty to see, both beside the river and in it: the Earn is a well-known fishing destination, and we enjoyed watching a heron engaged in an almighty battle with an enormous fish. The heron eventually won, but not before dropping the fish and nearly losing it in the process. Later on, we were tempted away from the main trail onto a side path which follows the river bank more closely, but a tricky tributary needs to be leapt in order to get back onto the proper path at the end.

[Farm track near Strageath Hall]

📌 Walk: Crieff to Muthill - fishy business by the River Earn ★★
Park at the finish and take a bus to the start (hourly, but less frequent on Sundays - check times in advance). Start at James Square, Crieff town centre, G.R.: NN 864216 ///backhand.fancy.mess. Finish in Muthill village centre, G.R.: NN 867170 ///skirting.hiking.deleting

▶ 10 km / 6 mi | ▲ 80 m | ⌚ Half a day | Moderate
Features: Crieff ★★★; River Earn; Muthill; Muthill Old Church & Tower ★★
Terrain: Mostly clear footpaths, with a couple of wet / boggy sections; short stretches of minor road. Route signposted, though not continuously.

Route & map

Start & Crieff - west side of Gallowhill Cemetery - Crieff Bridge (A822) - Alichmore Cottages - Stuart Crystal shop - path junction at G.R.: NN 880187 via south bank of River Earn - Strageath Hall - Sallyardoch Wood - finish, Muthill & Muthill Old Church & Tower

Route credit: Walkhighlands
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On our visit

Wildlife: Lots of mallards, goosanders, sheep, horses; grey heron attempting to swallow an enormous fish; geese in fields.
Weather: Mostly sunny with a few snow flurries; around freezing with frosty ground, fresh snow on hills and a dusting on some of the approach roads.

Chronological photo guide

[Looking northwest from near the start]

[Hungry visitors]

[View from Crieff Bridge]

[Sculptured gateposts along the route give info about the local area]

[View into the Highlands from near Alichmore Cottages]

[Woodland above Stuart Crystal]

[Down by the River Earn... finally!]

[Riverside path]

[Geese flying in to feed on the fields by the river]


[Riverside path]

[River Earn south of Crieff]

[River Earn]

[Grey heron battling with a fish]

[Further on, some fishy business]

[Distant Highlands]

[The river cliff has eroded right up to the path here, but it's OK for now]

[Riverside path]

[Old railway bridge]

[Following the old railway bed towards Strageath Hall]

[Farm track near Strageath Hall]

[Boggy final stretch in the woods]

[View of Crieff near the end of the walk]

[Muthill Old Church & Tower]


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