Kilchoman Distillery

Islay | Kilchoman | Distillery | ★★★★

[Spirit still at Kilchoman Distillery]

The density of distilleries on Islay is far higher than on any other Scottish island, and it's increasing all the time. What's very unusual about Kilchoman is that pretty much every aspect of the whisky-making process can happen on-site, from growing and malting the barley to bottling the finished product several years later. The distillery is one of the island's newest, opening in 2005 at Rockfield Farm (the farm is still operational too). The self-contained aspect, farm location and small scale belies Kilchoman's young age: this is how many distilleries used to operate in bygone centuries before mass-production became popular with the easing of restrictions on distilling. The site has a good tour, friendly feel and a decent shop with café; if you only have time to visit a few distilleries on Islay, it should probably be on your shortlist.

[Kilchoman Distillery]

Location & info

📌 Kilchoman Distillery ★★★★
Off minor road just east of Kilchoman, Islay, G.R.: NR 223637 ///intervals.squirted.pint
Open daily (by appointment, January & February) | £10+ adult depending on tour type, may be free for children if advised in advance


[Bottling plant]

[Mash tun]

[Malting floor - due to be replaced by a new one shortly]

[The distillery used to be, and still is, a farm before it turned to whisky production]


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