Kildalton Cross & Church

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[Kildalton Cross]

A long way east of Port Ellen on a narrow, scenic and very quiet road is Kildalton Church: a simple, 13th century ruin home to a fine selection of grave slabs and two impressive, carved crosses. The thicker-cut, better-known of the two crosses is just inside the churchyard and dates to the 8th century. Both sides are covered with ornate drawings, depicting the Virgin and Child, peacocks feasting on grapes (both on the east face), four lions (west face) and several other patterns and symbols. The size of the stone it was originally carved from must have been huge, given the chunkiness of the central boss. After admiring the cross, church and grave slabs, cross the road to a second carved cross with sweeping views over southern Islay from its base.

[Kildalton Church]

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📌 Kildalton Cross and Church ★★
Off minor road 7 mi east of Port Ellen, Islay, G.R.: NR 458508 ///nerve.supported.plenty
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[Second cross on the other side of the road]

[Kildalton Cross, west side]

[Inside the church]

[Knight grave slab on the church wall]

[Second cross]


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