Saligo Bay

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[Saligo Bay]

The flat Rinns of Islay on the western side of the island boasts several beautiful beaches, from Portnahaven in the south to Sanaigmore in the north. Roughly three-quarters of the way up is Saligo Bay: smaller than many of its counterparts but with beautiful rock architecture and the same wild feel. We can imagine that this west-facing bay must be a pretty special place at sunset; it's certainly not bad at sunrise, with rays of light first touching the sand dunes before gradually turning the soft sands golden. The coastline to the south is worth exploring too: perhaps there's a walk for that?

[Saligo Bay]

Location & info

📌 Saligo Bay ★★★
Off minor road at Saligo, west side of Islay, G.R.: NR 208666 ///shell.buildings.rely

💬 Space for a few cars (don't block gate) by road bend at G.R.: NR 211664 ///hello.scorched.monopoly. From here it's a 5-min walk to the beach on informal tracks and paths.

[Looking north along the main beach]

[Sunrise on the fields behind the bay]

[Along the dunes]

[As cold as it looks...]

[View south along the coast]

[Rock pool]

[Rocky scenery]

[Looking north]

[North beach]

[View from the north end of the beach]


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