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[Doune village centre & mercat cross]

Doune is a small but attractive village occupying a spot where the main road from Stirling to Callander crosses the River Teith. The village doesn't yet seem to have woken up to the fact that it's right next to an increasingly popular honeypot site: Doune Castle brings in Outlander and Monty Python fans by the busload. Widen your search by a few miles and you can also find a major safari park and an excellent distillery. Yet the high street remains stubbornly quiet, with a handful of places to eat, a supermarket, a couple of craft shops, but not much else. Map geeks take note: Scottish map publishers Harvey have their HQ here, with a tiny shop which looks far too old-fashioned to be the home store of such a well-known brand - push past the pile of staff umbrellas on the porch to get inside.

[George Street]

Location & info

📌 Doune ★★
Stirling county, G.R.: NN 727016 ///

🚶 The famous castle and village centre are a straightforward 10-min walk from each other (use part of our walk route listed below). Deanston Distillery is 1 mi away along pavements, but taking a bus is required for the safari park.
🚌 Doune is served by a couple of bus routes - most frequently from Stirling and Callander.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Deanston Distillery ★★★
>> Doune Castle ★★★★
>> Walk: Doune by the riverside ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Blair Drummond Safari Park ★★★★ (2 mi ↓)
>> Sir David Stirling Memorial (2 mi →)

[Doune Castle (27/4/15)]

[St Modoc's Church]

[War memorial]

[Main Street]

[River Teith near Doune]

[View of the village from Doune Castle (27/4/15)]

[Sir David Stirling Memorial (5/4/15)]

[Blair Drummond Safari Park (13/9/14)]


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