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[The Shore, Leith]

Every city has an unfashionable district - that part where tourists are warned away from. The Edinburgh suburb of Leith fit that description in years gone by... but not any more. The capital's port area has undergone redevelopment and revival in the past couple of decades, and it's now one of Edinburgh's most underrated spots. Flashy new offices and apartments fit together like a jigsaw with old port buildings and a string of high-end restaurants along a smart section of the Water of Leith known as "The Shore"; menus are bursting with Scottish seafood, though the local catch probably isn't as local as it used to be. Nevertheless, we had a particularly fine meal at The Ship on the Shore in 2019. Andrew Lamb's house is worth a short detour away from the riverside: a beautifully-restored merchant's house on Burgess Street which dates to the early 1600s. On the coast at the Port of Leith, beyond a series of rejuvenated quays, is the large Ocean Terminal shopping centre. As well as containing the usual selection of chain shops, restaurants and cinema, the mall provides access to Royal Yacht Britannia - see below for more info.

[The old Seaman's Mission, now a hotel]

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📌 Leith ★★★
City of Edinburgh, G.R.: NT 271765 ///recent.loving.things

🚶 The Shore and the Ocean Terminal shopping centre are a shortish walk apart.
🚆🚌 There are buses from Edinburgh city centre, and a tram link is under construction.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Royal Yacht Britannia ★★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Edinburgh page: Edinburgh ★★★★★ (2 mi ↓) (& city sights)

[Andrew Lamb's House, dating to the early 17th century]

[Port of Leith]

[Royal Yacht Britannia, seen from the north end of Ocean Terminal]

[The King's Wark]

[Mary, Queen of Scots landed here on her 1561 return from France]

[South Leith Parish Church]

[Commercial Quay]

[Restaurants and bars at Commercial Quay]

[Scottish Government building]

[Old tramlines at Ocean Square]

[Bridge at the Port of Leith]

[Port of Leith]


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