Scottish Owl Centre

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[Spotted Eagle Owl]

Almost exactly at the halfway point between Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Scottish Owl Centre at Polkemmet Country Park opened in 2012. Today it has the largest collection of owls anywhere in the world, with over a hundred owls looked after and on display here. Most are in pairs, with breeding successes leading to re-homing in the wild where possible. Flying displays take place at least once a day, depending on the season. Paths can be muddy so don't come wearing your best shoes; otherwise, as long as you like owls, you'll have a hoot!

[Scottish Owl Centre]

📌 Scottish Owl Centre ★★★
Location: Polkemmet Country Park, off B7066 a mile west of Whitburn, G.R.: NS 924650 ///shimmered.envy.swarm
Open (2019): Daily, February to October; weekends, January & November
Cost (2019): £7.50 (adults), £5.50 (children)

[Ferruginous Pygmy Owl]

[Scottish Owl Centre]

[Pygmy Burrowing Owl]

[Scottish Owl Centre]

[Pygmy Burrowing Owl]

[Scottish Owl Centre]

[Brown Wood Owl]

[Lilith Owl]


[Tropical Screech Owl]

[Ural Owl]

[Great Grey Owl]

[Snowy Owl]

[African Barn Owl]

[Mackinder's Eagle Owl]

[Indian Eagle Owl]

[Spectacled Owl]

[Aharoni's Eagle Owl]

[Snowy Owl in the flying arena]


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