Inverclyde | Town | ★★

[Customhouse Place and the, err, Custom House, Greenock]

Greenock is a sizeable town on the Firth Clyde and the capital of the Inverclyde region. Historically a shipbuilding hub and major port for inbound fish, sugar, rum and wine, it still boasts a large container terminal and boat building continues at nearby Port Glasgow. Industrial towns often don't make the best tourist destinations, but while Greenock's unlikely to make the cover page of many tourist brochures, it actually has a decent collection of grand buildings in the spots which escaped WWII bombing - the Italianate Victoria Tower is the highlight, crowning the town hall. Inverclyde council promotes three town walking tours (info below) which are all of interest, and there are two central museums and reasonable everyday shopping. Views across the Clyde are good from the coast road, and stunning from the viewpoint on Lyle Hill, encompassing the nearby (and less interesting) seaside resort of Gourock, the Rosneath Peninsula, Cowal and the high hills of Argyll.

[View over Gourock from Lyle Hill]

📌 Greenock ★★
Inverclyde, G.R.: NS 277764 ///shark.gentle.shapes

Anything else? Head away from the shopping district to find free parking. Walking tour leaflets: Greenock Town Trail here; Statues Trail here; Church Trail here.

[The twin towers of the Town Hall (left) & Wellpark Mid Kirk (right)]

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> McLean Museum (not yet featured)
>> Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum and Heritage Centre ★★★

Nearby (1-5 mi away)

>> Walk: Greenock: a Cut above ★★★ (1 mi ↓)
>> Lyle Hill viewpoint ★★★ (1 mi ←)
>> Newark Castle ★★★ (3 mi →)

[Greenock Cut walk (4/2/18)]

[Newark Castle (13/8/15)]

[Scottish Fire & Rescue Museum (11/3/18)]

[Wellpark Mid Kirk]

[Town Hall & Cathcart Square]

[Town Hall & Men of the Clyde statue] 

[Dutch Gable House]

[James Watt statue - Greenock's most famous son]

[Custom House]

[The Beacon, Customhouse Quay]

[Leisure centre]

[Prospect / Trust statue]

[Redeveloped waterfront at Customhouse Quay]

[View up the Clyde from Customhouse Quay]

[Ginger the Horse statue]

[James Watt Wetherspoons pub]

[Fountain in Well Park]

[War Memorial, Well Park]

[Old sugar refinery]

[Former St Columba's Gaelic Church]

[The Mount Kirk]

[Orangefield Baptist Church]

[Sheriff Court]

[Greenock West United Reformed Church]

[St John's Episcopal Church]

[Tontine Hotel]

[Lyle Kirk, Union Street]

[Lyle Kirk, Esplanade]

[View from the esplanade]


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