Calderglen Zoo

South Lanarkshire | East Kilbride | Zoo | ★★★

[Calderglen Zoo and Conservatory]

Meerkats, tamarins and coatis; wildcats, burrowing owls and leaf-cutting ants... Calderglen Zoo doesn't have the big-name animals to rival Edinburgh Zoo, but for the tiny admission fee you won't be complaining. This family-friendly menagerie occupies a small corner of Calderglen Country Park on the edge of East Kilbride, and has around 50, mostly fun-sized species housed around an attractive garden area, with a few more inside a warm conservatory. If you've time to spare afterwards, take a walk along the Rotten Calder river.


📌 Calderglen Zoo and Conservatory 
Location: Next to the main car park, Calderglen Country Park, G.R.: NS 654527 ///shrub.dignify.empty
Open (2019): Daily
Cost (2019): £1.70 (adults), 60p (children)

[Burrowing Owl (25/10/15)]

[Ring-tailed Coati]

[Fennec Fox]


[Black-tailed Prairie Dog]

[Wildcat (25/10/15)]



[Domestic Guinea Pig(!)]

[Domestic Rabbit]


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