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In 1263, the Battle of Largs took place on the North Ayrshire coast between Scottish and Norwegian forces, in a bid for ownership of the western seaboard of present-day Scotland. The battle only started because the Viking longships were blown aground during a storm, and neither side emerged victorious from this particular skirmish. Nevertheless, Largs is now home to an interactive experience about the Vikings, housed in part of the town's leisure centre. The partly-guided tour comprises a replica longhouse, introduction to Norse gods, film and exhibition area; it's especially geared towards families and children, but there's just enough to interest adults too.


Location & info

📌 Vikingar! ★★★
Greenock Road (A78), 10-min walk north of Largs town centre, G.R.: NS 203601 ///sank.seagull.loitering
🚢🚆🚌 Ferry / train / bus to Largs | 🚗 Car park
Open daily, March to October; weekends, February & November | £4.50 adult / £3.50 child (2018)

[Viking longship in the car park]

[Exhibition area]


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