Walk: The flashy falls of Beinglas

Argyll & Bute / Stirling | Crianlarich Hills | Short walk | ★★★

[Beinglas Falls]

If you've attempted the sodden hill path to Beinn Chabhair, you'll know there's a lot of water up there. Well, it has to go somewhere: specifically, into the Ben Glas Burn. This cascades into Glen Falloch above Invernarnan, and after heavy rain the white curtain of Beinglas Falls can clearly be seen billowing out from the hillside above the A82. Cross the burn at Beinglas Farm (using the footbridge on the West Highland Way) and follow the steep trail up the south bank for the best view of the drop. The burn is quite "flashy" in volume: i.e. it responds quickly to heavy rain, but don't bother visiting after dry weather.

[Drover's Inn at the start: Scotland's oldest pub]

Location & info

📌 Walk: The flashy falls of Beinglas ★★★
Start / finish at The Drover's Inn, A82 at Inverarnan, G.R.: NN 318184 ///bagpipes.whiplash.pheasants
🚌 Bus to Inverarnan | 🚗 Car park opposite inn

▶ 2 km / 1 mi | ▲ 190 m | ⌚ Short
Features: Bein Glas Falls
Moderate | Clear paths, but rough and steep for last 400 m to waterfall.

Route: Start - Beinglas Farm campsite (skirt southern edge) - cross Ben Glas Burn on West Highland Way - Bein Glas Falls by south bank of burn - return by outward route

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On our visit

Wildlife: Sheep and geese in the fields by the campsite.
Weather: Mostly cloudy with a rain shower on the way back down. About 12ºC.

Also on this walk

📌 Beinglas Falls ★★★
On the Ben Glas Burn under half a mile east of Inverarnan, G.R.: NN 325185 ///dignity.loom.toast
Always open | Free

💬 Quickest access to the waterfall is a 20-30 min walk by the route described above.

Chronological photo guide

[Drover's Inn at the start: Scotland's oldest pub]

[River Falloch at Beinglas Farm]

[Ben Glas Burn]

[View across Glen Falloch]

[View north from the approach to the falls]

[Beinglas Falls]


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