Weaver's Cottage

Renfrewshire | Kilbarchan | Historic building | ★★★

[Weaver's Cottage]

Like many settlements in the Scottish Lowlands, Kilbarchan grew up thanks to a thriving textile industry. The Weaver's Cottage in the village centre lets you step back in time and discover what life was like for a handloom weaver 200 years ago, in a traditional building housing Kilbarchan's last working handloom. The entry price may seem a little high for such a small property, but we were given a fascinating demonstration of tartan weaving on our visit, and there's also a garden to explore, containing plants once used for dyes. Kilbarchan is only about 10 minutes' drive from Glasgow Airport, so a visit could be perfect for filling in a gap at the very end of your holiday if you're departing Scotland from here.

[Garden (21/6/15)]

📌 Weaver's Cottage ★★★
Location: The Cross, Kilbarchan village centre, G.R.: NS 402633 ///every.rivals.brands
Open (2019): Friday to Tuesday, late March to September
Cost (2019): £7.50 (adults), £5.50 (children), free for National Trust for Scotland members

[Garden (21/6/15)]


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