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[Callanish III]

Many tourists visiting the Isle of Lewis make a beeline for the renowned Calanais (or Callanish) Stones. But how many are aware that the main site only comprises Callanish I, and that there are several other Neolithic monuments in the immediate area numbering all the way up to at least Callanish X? Callanish II and (especially) III are both well-preserved stone circles in their own right, a few minutes' walk from each other on hillocks overlooking Loch Ceann Hùlabhaig - their famous sibling is also in sight to the west. They both have their own parking areas, but it's quicker (and more interesting) to walk the few hundred metres between the two sites via a rather squelchy path. Duckboards help, but only a bit - don't wear your best shoes.

[Part of Callanish II]

Location & info

📌 Callanish II
By minor road end 1 mi southeast of Callanish village, Lewis, G.R.: NB 222326 ///geese.indeed.look
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park at G.R.: NB 222327 ///squeaking.visit.research it's a 3-min walk to Callanish II on an occasionally boggy path.

📌 Callanish III ★★
Off the A858 1 mi east of Callanish village, Lewis, G.R.: NB 225327 ///knowledge.stow.encoder
Always open | Free

💬 From the layby at G.R.: NB 225329 ///community.healthier.ethic it's a 5-min walk to Callanish III on an occasionally boggy path.

[View south over Loch Ceann Hùlabhaig from near Callanish III]

[Callanais II]

[View west from Callanish II]

[Callanish III]


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