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Dumfries & Galloway | Crawick | Landscape art | ★★★

[Crawick Multiverse]

It used to be an ugly, open cast coal mine; today, the hillside to the north of Sanquhar is the site of a striking landscape art project. The 55-acre work is the brainchild of Charles Jencks, a landscape architect who has also created other Scottish attractions such as The Garden of Cosmic Speculation and parts of Jupiter Artland. Each landform represents a feature or idea from modern cosmology, including the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, superclusters, comet collisions and the multiverse. Don't worry: maps you can pick up on arrival explain what all of these things mean. Areas of bare ground and some large spaces between the landforms mean the overall effect isn't (in our opinion) as aesthetically pleasing as some of Jencks' other projects, but nevertheless it's a quirky attraction with, well, universal appeal.

[Cosmic Collisions]

Location & info

📌 Crawick Multiverse ★★★
By B740 1 mi north of Sanquhar, G.R.: NS 776116 ///dance.unusable.riches
Always open (facilities only open in high season) | £5 adult / £2 child

[Spiral galaxies (left), Supercluster (centre) & Multiverse (right)]

[North-South Line]

[View from the Belvedere Finger]

[View from the northern end of the park]

[Rock timeline]

[Supercluster (foreground) & Milky Way Galaxy]


[Andromeda (left) & Milky Way galaxies]

[North-South Line]

[Centre of a spiral galaxy]

[Sun Flare & Earth Shield Mosaic]

[North-South Line]

[Southern viewpoint]

[Comet collision]

[Overlooking the Multiverse from the top of the site]


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