Dun Carloway

Lewis | Doune Carloway | Broch | ★★★

[Dun Carloway]

Dun Carloway is a 2,000 year-old broch and the second most popular historic site on Lewis, hard on the heels of the nearby Calanais Stones. Ruined brochs - tower-like, large family homes which fell out of use around the first few centuries AD - can be found all over Scotland, especially across the north Highlands and islands. But rarely do they survive more intact than here. The side facing the road still stands 9 metres tall, and you can still stoop to enter the middle of the broch through its original entrance. From here, further openings allow adventurous visitors to access side chambers, and ascend a staircase built between outer and inner walls which once led to a higher floor (today it ends on top of the ruined wall, with a excursion to the local hospital likely if you fall off). A tiny visitor centre, vaguely built to resemble a broch, helps you visualise what different parts of the building might have been used for when still occupied: visit this first before heading up to the real thing.

[View of the broch from the visitor centre]

Location & info

📌 Dun Carloway ★★★
Off minor road at Doune Carloway, Lewis, G.R.: NB 190412 ///jogging.conspire.existence
Broch: currently closed for conservation work - view exterior only. Visitor Centre: Monday to Saturday, April to September | Free

[Staircase between the outer and inner walls]

[Visitor centre]

[Dun Carloway from below]

[View from the walls]


[View from the broch]

[Visitor centre]


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