Eas a' Bhradain

Skye | Luib | Waterfall | ★★★

[Eas a' Bhradain]

Eas a' Bhradain has to be one of the most-viewed waterfalls on Skye, with a prominent position above the A87 as it contours the Red Cuillin hills on the way to Portree. Parking is easy with a sizeable layby just north of the bridge over the burn. So far, so promising... but the paths along both banks soon deteriorate to boggy morasses after heavy rain (when the falls look their best). It serves as a good reminder as to why you need some decent footwear when visiting the Highlands and Islands.

[Eas a' Bhradain]

📌 Eas a' Bhradain ★★★
Location: A87 2 miles west of Luib, G.R.: NG 533265 ///immediate.scrambles.nooks

[Garbh-bheinn (centre) & Belig (left) from the layby (17/8/15)]

[Glas-Bheinn Mhòr (17/8/15)]

[Loch Ainort (17/8/15)]

[Just look at all that bog...]


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