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Harris | Huisinis | Beach | ★★★

[Huisinis beach]

The only significant sand in North Harris directly accessible by road, Huisinis beach is ample reward for negotiating 13 miles of largely single-track tarmac from the main highway down the island's spine. At low tide there's 400 metres of sand to pad across: it doesn't sound like much, but with only a handful of parking spaces, you're unlikely to be sharing it with many others. One thing the beach does have is excellent toilet and indoor picnic facilities - unlike most of the other Harris beaches. On the approach to the bay you can glimpse the uninhabited island of Scarp, on the horizon beyond a low hill. The island is famous for having some of its mail delivered by launching rockets from Harris in the 1930s (yes, really), but singed envelopes following unexpected explosions didn't prove popular with the locals, and the idea never caught on. Can you really blame them?

[Huisinis beach]

Location & info

📌 Huisinis beach ★★★
At B887 road end, Huisinis, Harris, G.R.: NA 991120 ///touches.blend.coasting

[Road to the beach]

[Huisinis beach]

[Huisinis beach]


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