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[Isle of Harris Distillery]

The only distillery on the Isle of Harris is just a baby: Isle of Harris Distillery in Tarbert only started crafting the water of life in 2015, and the product can't legally be called whisky until late 2018. "Things take time" is one of the distillery's mottos; ironically, Isle of Harris gin is also being made to provide financial stability while the whisky matures - and has become very popular in its own right. The distillery tour is one of the most unusual we've come across: jelly beans, Harris Tweed and plenty of tasting (though not of locally-made whisky just yet - see above) are all used to help describe the journey from barley to bottle. Perhaps it's supposed to distract from the fact that most of the process takes place in a single room - this bit only forms a small part of the tour - but we liked it.

[Whisky stills]

Location & info

📌 Isle of Harris Distillery ★★★★
5-min walk west of Tarbert village centre, Harris, G.R.: NG 155999 ///simulates.melt.blend
Open weekdays, early March to October (2019) - booking advised | £12 adult / £6 child


[Tasting room]

[Gin still]

[Visitor centre]


[Mash tun]

[Bottling plant]

[Jelly bean flavour test!]

[Gin botanicals]


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