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[The "inland" part of Leverburgh seen from the road to the harbour]

Leverburgh (original, and some would say correct, name: An t-Ob) is the second largest village on Harris, boasting the island's biggest supermarket, car ferries to Berneray and the Uists, and boat trips to St Kilda. The settlement takes its modern name from English entrepreneur William Lever, who had grand plans to turn the village into the distribution centre for a vast fisheries company: his business empire later became Unilever. The idea never came to fruition, and today's Leverburgh remains a quiet, scattered place with no clear centre. A restaurant and food van by the harbour provide a couple of options for eating out; also check out the beautiful Harris Millennium Tapestry housed on the upper floor of the supermarket.

[Ferry departing for Berneray]

Location & info

📌 Leverburgh
Harris. The harbour is at G.R.: NG 013864 ///sunk.crackles.walking

🚢🚌 Leverburgh is served by buses from settlements including Tarbert and Stornoway. The ferry from Berneray also docks here.

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Seallam! Visitor Centre ★★ (2 mi ↑)
>> St Clement's Church ★★ (3 mi →)
>> Walk: Ceapabhal - on the edge of it all ★★★★ (3 mi ↑)

[St Clement's Church, Rodel]

[Tràigh na Cleabhaig & Ceapabhal] 

[One of the Harris Millennium Tapestries]

[Seallam! Visitor Centre]

[View east from the harbour]

[Sea Harris trips depart from Leverburgh for St Kilda several times weekly (24/5/18)]

[View of the harbour from the Sound of Harris (24/5/18)]

[More of the Harris Millennium Tapestry]


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