Lewis War Memorial

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[Lewis War Memorial]

Spend any time around Stornoway and you'll soon notice a large monument on a hill north of the town. This 85-foot stone tower is the Lewis War Memorial, completed in 1924 in the Scots Baronial style to commemorate fallen soldiers from World War I. Visitors to the monument used to be able to climb to the top, but in recent decades you have to be content with the view from the base: the panorama over this part of the island is excellent even from ground level.

[Lewis War Memorial]

Location & info

📌 Lewis War Memorial ★★
Uphill from the top of Slighe Stiubhairt, 1 mi north of Stornoway town centre, Lewis, G.R.: NB 417343 ///factored.mainly.personal
Always open (exterior only) | Free

💬 Park at the top of Slighe Stiubhairt, from which it's a 5-min uphill walk to the memorial on a surfaced path.

[Lewis War Memorial]

[View over Stornoway]

[View inland]


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