Luskentyre beach

Harris | Luskentyre | Beach | ★★★★★

[Seilebost (south side of Luskentyre bay)]

Magnificent, vast, majestic: on a sunny day, Luskentyre looks just like those beaches in Caribbean holiday brochures... except for the bare hills on the horizon. Where is this slice of heaven? South Harris is the answer: the bay is a huge river estuary measuring 3 miles long and 3 miles wide, bordered on the north and south sides by dunes. Roads run close to most inland sides of the beach, so viewpoints are plentiful - though instant access to the sand is only possible from a few spots. Luskentyre's island location and size ensure it never gets crowded (except perhaps at Tràigh Rosamol, at the north end). All-in-all it's the full package, deserving our top 5-star rating over and above the stiff local competition - oh, and it was voted Scotland's best beach in a 2018 survey. A handy tip: most of the bay is flooded at high water; try to visit around low tide for the "wow" factor.

[View from the inland (east) side]

Location & info

📌 Luskentyre beach ★★★★★
Off A859 2 mi northeast of Horgabost, Harris, G.R.: NG 065979 ///chins.walked.coolest

💬 The sand is much reduced in area at high tide. Best roadside viewpoint is from the south side at Seilebost, G.R.: NG 057972 ///riverboat.dignify.fades. Most popular part of the beach is Tràigh Rosamol at the north end - park at G.R.: NG 066999 ///conquest.lushly.shining

[Tràigh Rosamol - the northern end of the beach - at high tide]

[Miles of sand]

[View from Beinn Dubh]


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