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[Maybole Collegiate Church]

The roofless ruin of Maybole Collegiate Church lies slightly downhill from the main road through Maybole town centre. A padlock usually prevents access, but those in the know can pick up the key from Crossraguel Abbey, a couple of miles down the road. The chapel dates to 1371 and was founded by Sir John Kennedy of nearby Dunure, who soon established a college of priests to pray for himself and his family. A few interesting architectural features remain, including the Kennedy coat of arms above the burial aisle, though we were sad to see quite a lot of litter around too. Maybole itself doesn't warrant a separate page, but look out for the imposing town hall and castle as you drive through.

[Maybole Collegiate Church]

Location & info

📌 Maybole Collegiate Church
John Knox Street, Maybole town centre, G.R.: NS 302099 ///zoo.trusts.dragon
Open daily, April to September (collect key from Crossraguel Abbey) | Free
❌ Maybole has transport connections, but Crossraguel Abbey (where the key must be collected from) does not | 🚗 Street parking

[Maybole Collegiate Church]

[Kennedy coat of arms]

[Maybole Collegiate Church]

[Maybole Castle]

[Town Hall / Tolbooth]


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