Memorial to the Heroes of Lochs

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[Memorial to the Heroes of Lochs]

It's a long way between the Isle of Harris and Stornoway, and - while views through the windscreen provide lots of scenic interest - there aren't many obvious attractions to stop at. Just south of Baile Ailein a distinctive cairn is passed: the Memorial to the Heroes of Lochs. "Lochs" turns out to refer to the area's name, and the structure has nothing to do with Scottish water bodies. Instead, the memorial commemorates a 19th century land struggle. Rich local landowners wanted to evict crofters to make way for deer hunting estates; the crofters retaliated by carrying out deer raids en masse, with huge local support. It's a bit more complicated than that, but you can read about it all when you arrive - or elsewhere online. Aside from the historical context to the monument, it's a great place from which to absorb the Lewis landscape.

[View northeast towards Baile Ailein]

Location & info

📌 Memorial to the Heroes of Lochs
A859 2 mi west of Baile Ailein, Lewis, G.R.: NB 261195 ///these.grove.humid
Always open | Free
🚌 Bus stops at Eishken turnoff immediately to south | 🚗 Space to park on old road (now disused) - access from Eishken turnoff immediately to south

[Looking south]


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