Seallam! Visitor Centre

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Seallam! is the main museum for the Isle of Harris, situated on the main road into Leverburgh at the south end of the island. It's a valuable indoor attraction on an island where there's not a huge amount to do when the heavens open. Displays are housed in a single room (there's also a large gift shop) and relate both to Harris and St Kilda life. On our visit, there was a particular focus on the lives of individual people who live or used to live on these islands, with genealogical research another key theme. Unfortunately taking photographs isn't permitted due to restrictions placed by owners of some of the exhibits.

Location & info

📌 Seallam! Visitor Centre ★★
By A859 3 mi northwest of Leverburgh, G.R.: NF 995894 ///happening.freely.expiring
Open weekdays, April to October; Wednesday to Friday, November to March | Probably £3 adult / £2.50 child (we think the website info is incorrect)


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