Tarbolton Lochs

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[Tarbolton Lochs]

These artificial lochs on the north side of Tarbolton are primarily a trout fishery, but could also serve as a nice place for a stroll if you're passing. The water bodies, and the wider area of marshy ground which borders them, provide ideal habitat for swans, geese and ducks, with several islets providing nesting ground free from disturbance from most predators. The fishery, Burns Trout Fishery, takes its name from Scotland's national bard, who founded a debating club in Tarbolton's village pub in the late 1700s.

[Mute swan nest]

Location & info

📌 Tarbolton Lochs ★★
By B730 1 mi north of Tarbolton village centre, G.R.: NS 425280 ///beside.landowner.lost

[Tarbolton Lochs]

[Canada geese & moorhens]

[Tarbolton Lochs]

[Canada geese]

[Tarbolton Lochs]


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