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[Valtos beach]

Valtos beach is the least-visited of the three beaches north of Miavaig. And like so many of Scotland's more neglected beauty spots, that's all the more reason to explore it. The beach is split in two by an inter-tidal, rocky bar, giving more variety than at many of the other, solely sandy bays here on Lewis. A stone jetty and views across to Beinn Mhòr provide even mhòr more interest, even if the overall size of the beach doesn't add up to much. We're not sure if Valtos beach is the official name, but it's the closest to the settlement of the same name.

[Valtos beach]

Location & info

📌 Valtos beach ★★★
By minor road end, northeast side of Valtos, Lewis, G.R.: NB 096368 ///

💬 There's space for a few vehicles to park near the jetty (don't block access) at G.R.: NB 095369 ///group.slightly.lunged

[Seaweed and sand patterns]

[Valtos beach]


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