Victoria Park

Glasgow | West End | Park | ★★★

[Formal Gardens, Victoria Park]

Glasgow is famous for the quality and quantity of its public parks. Which is the most interesting? Well, that award might go to Victoria Park. Tucked away in one of the less touristy parts of the West End, this 50-acre green space contains immaculate formal gardens, a large boating pond, a surprisingly dramatic rock garden and even a collection of 325-million year-old, fossilised tree stumps. Take a bag of bird feed for the ducks...

[Boating Pond]

Location & info

📌 Victoria Park ★★★
Victoria Park Drive North, 4 mi west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 541672 ///intro.pretty.focal
🚌 Victoria Park Drive North | 🚆 Jordanhill (0.5 mi) | 🚇 Partick (1 mi) | 🚗 Street parking
Always open | Free

>> Fossil Grove ★★

[Rock Garden]

[Fossil Grove]

[Fossil Grove (2/6/18)]

[Gardens outside Fossil Grove]

[Rock Garden]


[Boating Pond]

[Sleeping beauty]

[Tufted Duck pair]

[Formal Gardens]

[Treelined avenue]



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