Walk: Beinn Dhubh & the deep blue

Harris | Luskentyre | Half day walk | ★★★

[Beinn Dhubh from Mol an Tighe]

Beinn Dhubh (black hill) is the rounded summit overlooking the north side of Luskentyre Bay, and the eastern end of a chain of hills stretching inland towards Tarbert. There are no paths to assist with the ascent, but the reward for taking on the challenge is a magnificent vista encompassing North Harris, South Harris and the deep blue sea surrounding them - with one of Scotland's very best beaches waiting at the bottom. The start and finish of the hill walk proper are linked by a 4 km road walk, though quite a scenic one. Begin in the middle to break up the monotony, or walk along the beach for some of the distance if the tide is low.

[Magnificent views towards North Harris from the summit ridge]

đź“Ś Walk: Beinn Dhubh & the deep blue ★★★
Start / finish at car park on minor road 1 mi southeast of Luskentyre, Harris, G.R.: NG 079982 ///asking.flying.tucked. Other start points possible elsewhere on the same road.

▶ 12 km / 7 mi | ▲ 570 m | ⌚ Half a day | Tough
Features: △ Beinn Losgaintir (436 m); △ Beinn Dhubh (506 m, Graham); Luskentyre beach ★★★★★
Terrain: Pathless apart from the road section at the start / end. Variety of terrain types: rock slabs, short grass, tiring heather (mostly on descent), some bog lower down. Sustained, steep ascent and (especially) descent.

Route & map

Car park - leave road at G.R.: NG 094974 - Sròn Godamuil - Beinn Losgaintir - Beinn Dhubh - descend west then north to Mol an Tighe - Tràigh Rosamol (north part of Luskentyre Beach) - start via road

Route credit: Walkhighlands (modified)
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On our visit

Wildlife: Possible eagle sighting, snipe, rabbits, sheep and lambs. Lots of spiders and beetles on the rocky ascent.
Weather: Blue skies, approaching 20°C. Cool breeze for the ascent, but wind progressively dropped making for an uncomfortable descent.

Chronological photo guide

[Road section at the start along Luskentyre Bay (at high tide)]

[Pathless, heathery slopes to begin the ascent]

[The route's target on the horizon]

[Exposed rock makes the middle part of the ascent easier]

[View east across South Harris]

[Sròn Godamuil]

[Magnificent views towards North Harris from the summit ridge]

[Beinn Losgaintir]

[Luskentyre beach]

[View east from Beinn Losgaintir]

[Beinn Dhubh]

[Looking north from the summit]

[View northwest]


[Luskentyre and South Harris]

[The descent is long, steep and pathless]

[Beinn Dhubh from Mol an Tighe]

[Mol an Tighe]

[Coastguard helicopter above TrĂ igh Rosamol]

[TrĂ igh Rosamol is the reward for a tough descent]

[Coastline east of TrĂ igh Rosamol]

[Road return]


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