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[Cathedral of the Isles]

The island of Great Cumbrae is great in more ways than one... did you know that it boasts the smallest working cathedral in Britain? The poetically-named Cathedral of the Isles is the joint mother church (shared with St John's Cathedral, Oban) of the Episcopal Diocese of Argyll and The Isles, and can be found just uphill from the centre of Millport. In keeping with the island bubble atmosphere, a former minister is said to have offered prayers during services for "the islands of Great and Little Cumbraes, and for the adjacent islands of Great Britain and Ireland" - fantastic. Anyway, the church certainly isn't cathedral-like in overall size, but it's nevertheless an attractive one, with a tall and narrow nave, side chapel, cloister and several ancillary buildings. It's a popular location for retreats and seminars: the island location surely the perfect location for a quiet escape.

[Inside the cathedral]

Location & info

📌 Cathedral of the Isles ★★
College Street, 5-min walk northeast of Millport town centre, Great Cumbrae, G.R.: NS 166552 ///village.averts.hazy
🚌 Bus from Cumbrae Slip (for ferry connection to mainland).
Open daily | Free

[Inside the cathedral]


[Cathedral of the Isles]


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