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[Hunterston B Visitor Centre]

Nuclear power station? Tourist attraction? Yes - Hunterston B has a visitor centre, and while only small, this building on the fringes of the power station complex has a reasonable array of info (devised from the perspective of EDF Energy) about nuclear power, uranium storage and sustainable energy, with interactive games which will also appeal to children. There's a similar visitor centre at Torness Nuclear Power Station on Scotland's east coast; at both, you can arrange a tour of the power station itself if you book several weeks in advance and jump through various security hoops. We haven't been organised enough to plan that far ahead yet, but perhaps one day. As for Hunterston B itself: it's currently offline while investigations are carried out on cracks in one of the reactors.

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Location & info

📌 Hunterston B Visitor Centre
Off A78 3 mi northwest of West Kilbride, G.R.: NS 183515 ///choirs.waltz.glue
Open weekdays except bank holidays | Free

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