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For anyone fancying a traditional, Scottish day at the seaside, look no further than Millport. Once a popular holiday destination for Glaswegian shipyard workers going "doon the watter", this small, island town still ticks all the boxes for a jaunt - even if it hasn't really moved with the times. Old-fashioned attractions include crazy golf on the esplanade, cycling around the island, and a sandy beach with the painted oddity of Crocodile Rock poking above the high tide mark. And some particularly small-scale attractions: Britain's narrowest house, its smallest cathedral, and (probably) one of its smallest aquariums. Frequent buses connect the town with the slipway where the ferries from nearby Largs arrive, so there's no need to bring your car across.

[Crocodile Rock]

Location & info

📌 Millport ★★★
Great Cumbrae, G.R.: NS 162549 ///tinsel.ponies.though

🚌 A bus shuttles between the town and the north of the island, for the all-important ferry link to the mainland.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Bike: Great Cumbrae circular ★★
>> Cathedral of the Isles ★★
>> Museum of the Cumbraes ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Robertson Museum and Aquarium ★★ (1 mi →)

[Town beach]

[Museum of the Cumbraes, Garrison House]

[Cathedral of the Isles]

[Mapes of Millport bike shop]

[The Wedge - Britain's narrowest house]

[Crazy golf]

[Isle of Arran seen from the town]


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