The Clydeside Distillery

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[The Clydeside Distillery]

For decades, the River Clyde in Glasgow saw barrel after barrel of Scotch whisky exported from its dockyards. Industry and shipping have since declined on this part of the river, but spirit's flowing again: this time at the brand new Clydeside Distillery, occupying a gorgeously restored, former pump house at the Queen's Dock. The tour price is a little expensive, and the maximum tour size of 20 too big for our liking, but this is still an excellent visitor setup: tours include a film introduction, extensive exhibition area about the docks, blenders and whisky barons, wonderful views from the iconic still house (is it too early to say iconic?), and a strong feeling of "whisky coming home". One minor problem: tasting is currently of 3 single malts from elsewhere in Scotland (specific distilleries are confidential, but they're exclusive bottlings) as no whisky has matured yet (production only began in late 2017). You'll have to wait until at least 2020 to try a truly local dram.

[The distillery occupies a former dockside pump house]

Location & info

📌 The Clydeside Distillery ★★★★
100 Stobcross Road, 2 mi west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 564656 ///player.shield.price
Open daily | £15+ adult / £5+ child depending on tour type



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