Corrieshalloch Gorge

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[Falls of Measach, Corrieshalloch Gorge]

This breathtaking natural phenomenon hides beneath the forest canopy by the road between Inverness and Ullapool. Corrieshalloch Gorge is possibly Scotland's most impressive box canyon: only 10 metres wide but 60 metres deep, carved by meltwater at the end of the last ice age. Water plunges in at the top end by a majestic, silvery plume known as the Falls of Measach. Visitors are treated to a grandstand view thanks to a Victorian suspension bridge over the deepest point (heed the maximum numbers warning!), as well as a more modern viewing platform which teeters above the abyss. It's certainly one of the most impressive and accessible sights in northwest Scotland, and an obligatory stop on the North Coast 500 driving route. As ever with this type of scenery, these photos don't capture the sheer scale of the place.

[Path between the suspension bridge & viewing platform]

Location & info

📌 Corrieshalloch Gorge ★★★★★
Off A832 just west of the A835 junction, Braemore, G.R.: NH 203780 ///settled.rail.baths
Always open | Free

💬 From the car park (charge / donation) at G.R.: NH 202780 ///upper.bidder.noun it's a 5-min downhill walk to the gorge suspension bridge on a good path, and a similar distance further to the viewing platform beyond.

[Corrieshalloch Gorge]

[Suspension bridge]

[Falls of Measach & the suspension bridge from the viewing platform]

[A short loop provides a scenic alternative path back to the car park]

[View over Loch Broom from the A832 viewpoint a mile west of the gorge]


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