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[Dunure harbour]

The tiny fishing village of Dunure is bypassed by the main coast road south of Ayr, so you have to make a conscious decision to seek it out. If you're not in a hurry to get somewhere else, it's worth the short detour: quiet harbour, a few rows of cottages, the Dunure Inn (with decent reviews) overlooking the bobbing boats, shingle beaches with plenty of wildlife, and a sizeable ruined castle within walking distance to the south. The Isle of Arran is well seen from here, and the views even better from the nearby high ground: our route up Brown Carrick Hill is linked below.

[Dunure Castle (13/2/16)]

📌 Dunure ★★
South Ayrshire, G.R.: NS 255160 ///whips.occur.trickles

[Brown Carrick Hill]

Within walking distance

>> Dunure Castle ★★
>> Walk: Brown Carrick Hill - caravans, crabs & castle ★★★



>> Electric Brae ★★ (2 miles away)

[Electric Brae (13/2/16)]


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