Galloway Wild Goat Park

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[Galloway Wild Goat Park]

Several hundred wild goats roam the Galloway Hills in Scotland's southwest region. Spend time walking in the area and you may well spot a few, but the best place to see them is from a series of car parks and laybys on the Queen's Way (A712) between Newton Stewart and New Galloway. Here, it's usually easy to spot several of the 50 or so horned mammals within an area of hillside encircled by a long fence (which slightly reduces the "wild" feel). Forestry and Land Scotland, which owns the land, requests that you don't feed the goats with your own foodstuffs - they're on a strict diet!

[Galloway Wild Goat Park]

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📌 Wild Goat Park (Galloway) ★★
Main car park is by >A712 7 mi northeast of Newton Stewart, G.R.: NX 497719 ///breezy.sway.roughest
Always open (views from roadside only) | Free

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[Wild goats]


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