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[Glen Ord Distillery]

Glen Ord Distillery is the only distillery in the Black Isle region near Inverness, and is the first major tourist attraction on the North Coast 500 road trip after leaving the city. Built in stages since the early 1800s, the site is now a mishmash of architecture ranging from photogenic to functional. Nevertheless, an unusually extensive exhibition makes this a good place place to visit no matter your level of whisky knowledge. This takes you through the history of distilling, the production process and associated occupations such as coopering and coppering (if that's not a real word, it is now!) before you venture into the spacious distillery itself. Tours end with a tasting of Glen Ord's famous 12-year old single malt (known as the 12-year old Singleton of Glen Ord), and perhaps some other expressions depending on which level of tour you've chosen.


Location & info

📌 Glen Ord Distillery ★★★★
Marybank Road, 1 mi west of Muir of Ord village centre, G.R.: NH 519507 ///travels.kilt.pressing
Open daily | £10+ depending on tour type


[View from the car park]

[Coppersmith Tools in the exhibition]

[Illicit stills in the exhibition]


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