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[Inverness Cathedral]

Inverness Cathedral (or St Andrew's Cathedral) is the church at the centre of the Episcopal diocese of Moray, Ross & Caithness, and makes for a peaceful diversion if you're exploring the less touristy west side of the River Ness, a short walk south of Inverness city centre. The outside mightn't win any beauty contest: built from red sandstone, the building is obscured by trees, lacks spires (funds ran out during construction) and the best view might actually be from the high ground around Inverness Castle. But venture inside and there are intricate carvings around the altar and choir to admire, beautiful stained glass windows and soaring arches along the nave... and you can't fail to miss the stonework above the main door. There's also a gift shop and cafe if you're so inclined.

[Exterior view]

Location & info

📌 Inverness Cathedral ★★
15 Ardross Street, 10-min walk southwest of Inverness railway station, G.R.: NH 664449 ///helps.calm.rider
Open daily | Free

[Stained glass window]


[Main door & carvings]


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