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[River Ness, Inverness]

With a population of around 50,000, Inverness is Scotland's smallest and northernmost city. Situated on a sparkling Highland river spanned by seven bridges, its fortunate coastal position in the lee of major hill ranges affords it a surprisingly benign climate given its 57° latitude. What makes the place special is its unrivalled access to much of northern Scotland: the lure of Loch Ness is only 10 miles away, and most parts of the mainland north and west of here are reachable in under a couple of hours. To be honest, much of the city centre is unremarkable, but as the largest settlement for miles around, it stands head and shoulders above nearby competition in terms of shopping, eating out, accommodation and public transport options. Local tourist attractions merit at least a day: don't miss the excellent museum, the panorama from Inverness Castle's viewing tower (new for 2017) - and of course the emotive site of Culloden battlefield just beyond the city boundary. We've yet to explore the area fully, but you can check out some of the list of sights below.

[Cottages on Douglas Row]

Location & info

📌 Inverness ★★★
Highland. The railway station in the city centre is at G.R.: NH 668454 ///lake.king.sheep

🚶 All the city's main attractions are within easy walking distance of the centre. Take a bus for Culloden Battlefield.
✈️🚆🚌 Inverness has good rail and coach connections with the rest of Scotland, as well as several local bus routes. The small airport has flights from the Northern Isles, Western Isles and beyond.
🚗 Most city centre parking has a charge, but there are free spots further out.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Inverness Cathedral ★★

📌 Inverness Museum and Art Gallery ★★★★
💬 Fittingly fascinating regional museum showcasing city and Highland life, culture and artwork - tucked away on a side street but large enough to spend a few hours in.
Castle Wynd, 5-min walk south of Inverness railway station, G.R.: NH 667452 ///king.vibe.agent
Open Tuesday to Saturday | Free

>> Leakey's Bookshop ★★
>> St Mary's Catholic Church (Inverness) ★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Walk: Fine firth views from Craig Phadrig ★★★ (2 mi ←)

[Inverness seen from Drumossie Muir to the south (25/7/18)]

[Leakey's Bookshop (1/8/13)]

[Old High Church]

[Dunbar Centre]

[Abertarff House - the oldest secular building in the city]

[Kessock Bridge from South Kessock pier (25/7/18)]

[Inverness Castle (31/7/13)]

[Inverness Cathedral (25/7/18)]

[St Mary's Catholic Church]

[View from Craig Phadrig (25/7/18)]


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