Raiders' Road Forest Drive

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[Raiders' Road Forest Drive]

Raiders' Road Forest Drive is one of two forest drives in Galloway Forest Park (the other is Carrick Forest Drive). Both are gravel tracks suitable for most vehicles, accessing remote parts of the park which are otherwise a long way from the nearest road. Raiders' Road roughly follows the forested glen cut by the Black Water of Dee; the route can be driven in either direction (we did it westbound) in about an hour, but you should plan for at least double that once you take into account stops along the way. A key highlight is The Otter Pool: an attractive series of rapids usually interspersed by rocky outcrops, and a perfect picnic spot in good weather. Amongst the other points of interest are the Secret Cages. Now disused, these used to house young red kites before their release into the wild back when persecution threatened the bird's national extinction. A signpost near the east end of the forest drive shows where to start the 45-minute round trip to the cages. We didn't spot any red kites in the course of the drive, but we did see several buzzards - some perched on branches right next to the track.

[Black Water of Dee at The Otter Pool]

Location & info

📌 Raiders' Road Forest Drive ★★
The main stop, at The Otter Pool, is at G.R.: NX 594736 ///curl.hers.overt. East entrance is on A762 4 mi south of New Galloway, G.R.: NX 655718 ///space.everyone.stag. West entrance is on A712 6 mi west of New Galloway, G.R.: NX 546752 ///garlic.florists.scenes

▶ 16 km / 10 mi
Gravel track (with only a few potholes on our visit)
Open April to October | £2 per vehicle

[Black Water of Dee at Boddon's Island]

[Raiders' Road Forest Drive]

[Stroan Loch]

[Raiders' Road Forest Drive]

[Secret Cages]

[Raiders' Road Forest Drive]


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