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[Renfrew Town Hall, housing Renfrew Museum]

Renfrew is the ceremonial capital of Renfrewshire, long overtaken by nearby Paisley in terms of status. The town centre is small but smart enough: a sentiment that could also be used to describe the museum housed in the Town Hall. The display space opened in 2012 and is themed, somewhat tenuously, around the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Perhaps worth visiting to brush up on your knowledge if you live locally - or to fill time if you're early for a flight at nearby Glasgow Airport.

[Renfrew Museum (11/6/16)]

Location & info

📌 Renfrew Museum ★★
Renfrew Town Hall, Renfrew town centre, G.R.: NS 508677 ///ocean.dull.nodded
🚌 Bus to Renfrew | 🚢 Foot ferry from Yoker | 🚗 Street parking
Open Monday to Saturday except public holidays | Free

[Renfrew Museum (11/6/16)]

[Rear view (11/6/16)]


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