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This former Church of Scotland building was built by famous engineer Thomas Telford in the early 1800s as one of a series of Parliamentary Kirks around the Highlands, but became Ullapool Museum in 1995. Exhibits tell the Lochbroom Story: the history of the area around the sea loch which Ullapool sits next to. Crofting, fishing, religion and emigration are some of the key themes, as are klondykers: Eastern European mackerel processing ships which used to anchor in Loch Broom, even at the height of the Cold War. The museum's displays probably won't keep you occupied for more than an hour or so, but they're well worth the small admission charge if you're spending time around the town.

[Ullapool Museum]

Location & info

📌 Ullapool Museum ★★
7-8 West Argyll Street, Ullapool town centre, G.R.: NH 127940 ///brightly.remarks.reverses
Open Monday to Saturday, April to October | £4 adult / free for children

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