Walk: Marvellous views from Murray's Monument

Dumfries & Galloway | Galloway Forest Park | Short walk | ★★★

[View east from Murray's Monument]

This prominent obelisk decorates a hillock above the Queen's Way through Galloway Forest Park in memory of Alexander Murray: a well-known, late 18th century linguist with humble beginnings as a shepherd boy close by in the glen. Climbing to the foot of the monument reveals excellent views over this attractive corner of the Southern Uplands, taking in Galloway Wild Goat Park and the Palnure Burn. Extend the route by a couple of miles to include a couple of foamy waterfalls and some rather unsettling rock sculptures...

[Grey Mare's Tail upper fall (Foot Loup)]

📌 Walk: Marvellous views from Murray's Monument ★★★
Start / finish at car park on A712 6 mi northeast of Newton Stewart, G.R.: NX 491720 ///garlic.wheat.logged

▶ 3 km / 2 mi | ▲ 140 m | ⌚ Short | Moderate
Features: Murray's Monument; Grey Mare's Tail waterfalls
Terrain: Good tracks and paths with some steep parts; rough, very steep detour to viewpoint for upper fall.

Route & map

Car park - Murray's Monument - join track at G.R.: NX 484720 - leave track at G.R.: NX 492725 - Grey Mare's Tail upper fall by short detour - lower fall - detour to lower fall alternative viewpoint by west bank path - start

Route credit: Forestry and Land Scotland
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On our visit

Wildlife: Butterflies and moths, bees and big black slugs.
Weather: Mostly cloudy with occasional brightness and a little rain, temperature in mid teens.

Chronological photo guide

[Murray's Monument]

[View east from Murray's Monument]

[Burn near Murray's Monument]

[Looking back to Murray's Monument]

[Climbing towards the highest part of the route]


[Track towards Black Loch]

[Rock sculpture]


[Grey Mare's Tail upper fall (Foot Loup)]

[Grey Mare's Tail lower fall (Buck Loup)]

[Grey Mare's Tail lower fall (Buck Loup)]


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