Walk: Going off-grid to Scoraig

Highland | Badrallach | Full day walk | ★★★

[The track through Scoraig]

Where's the remotest village in mainland Scotland? There are certainly a few contenders for that title, but Scoraig must be one of the leading candidates. This scattered, off-grid community of about 70 has no roads, with access to the nearest one only reachable by crossing Little Loch Broom - most residents probably have their own boat. On frequent stormy days it's too rough to make the trip, so a path leads five miles up the coast to scarcely less-remote Badrallach further along the peninsula. Walking the full distance helps appreciate what it might be like to live here, with information panels inside the old lighthouse giving further insight. Or visit the school, head to the pier, or chat to a local in the "pay what you like" cafe! There's not much to see in the conventional sense once you arrive - the village is extremely scattered and has no real focus - but then again, Scoraig isn't exactly conventional...

[Negotiating the rocky section at Creag a' Chadha]

📌 Walk: Going off-grid to Scoraig ★★★
▶ 17 km / 11 miles | ▲ 100 metres
Features: Scoraig
Start / finish: Car park at minor road end at Badrallach, G.R.: NH 056919 ///hiked.playing.school

Route: Car park - Scoraig & pier by coast path - return by outward route
Terrain: Clear path to Scoraig (some ascent / descent, a few rocky sections), then track to pier.
Wildlife today: Cows grazing near start. Dragonflies, butterflies, big caterpillars, grasshoppers, frogs, a few horseflies.
Weather today: Mostly sunny over the loch, but higher hills often in cloud until the afternoon. Moderate breeze, temperature in mid-teens.

[Scoraig pier - the village's main link with the outside world]

Route map

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track

More photos

[Good views over Little Loch Broom from Badrallach at the start]

[Following the coast path - looking back]

[Traversing steep ground at Glac Gharbh]

[Views back to Sàil Mhòr across the loch]

[Safely past Creag a' Chadha]

[View ahead to Scoraig (on the headland, centre left)]

[Allt an Uisge Mhaith]

[Sàil Mhòr]

[Coastal views]

[Mating rituals]

[Path inside the Scoraig city limits!]

[Scoraig houses]

[Hairy caterpillar]

[Track through Scoraig]

["Pay what you like" cafe]


[This old lighthouse has been relocated from the shoreline, and contains displays about village life]

[Track to the pier]

[Scoraig pier]

[Catching crabs]

[View from the pier]

[Sign on the road to Badrallach - is that Wild West enough for you?]


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