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[Glenkinchie Distillery]

Attractively-sited Glenkinchie (kinch pronounced like pinch) is the closest malt whisky distillery to Edinburgh: a popular 15-mile hop from the city centre by car (or by shuttle bus booked through the distillery). Its southerly location puts it firmly inside the Lowland whisky region, which has a reputation for lighter, grassier flavours than other parts of the country. Glenkinchie's specific taste is influenced by its large stills - the biggest in mainland Scotland - while at the other end of the scale, the exhibition area features a beautifully crafted distillery model filling a whole room. Other details to look out for include the old furnace and kiln, and the dramming bell: originally rung to invite workers for their free drams several times a day. Suffice to say the practice of keeping staff drunk on the job has ceased!

[Model distillery exhibition]

Location & info

📌 Glenkinchie Distillery ★★★★
By minor road 1 mi south of Pencaitland, G.R.: NT 444667 ///slant.buns.ideals
🚌 Distillery operates a shuttle bus from Edinburgh. There's also a very infrequent public bus | 🚗 Car park
Open daily | £10+ adult depending on tour type / £4 child

[Still House]

[Old kiln (no longer in use)]

[Malt mill]

[Mash tun]

[Dramming bell]


[Tasting room]

[Still House in the distillery model]

[Tun Room in the distillery model]

[Mash Room in the distillery model]

[Distillery grounds]

[Distillery buildings]



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